Aves Vox

The most complete birding app for iOS and Android.

The app with only bird calls of 90% of all bird species of the world!


Aves Vox means the sound of birds in latin. That is exactly what this app is all about. All of the bird species in the world and of those have 90 % at least one belonging sound.

Aves Vox comes in fourteen languages (only in Pro); English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Slovak, Portuguese, Hungarian. Aves Vox contains sounds for over 90 % of the world bird species and all sounds are collected from xeno-canto.org. Each recording is named by the recordist and the id from xeno-canto.org. There are five sound types: call, song, flight call, alarm call and other calls. The species list is based on IOC World Bird List 2013. Together this creates a great library in your smart phone or other unit with over 60 000 recordings. The recording will be downloaded and saved to your unit when you play it for the first time. This means that the app is functional even on your journey or elsewhere you don't have any connection to internet. Aves Vox is a free app without ads for iPhone. Aves Vox Pro is a further development of the free edition Aves Vox. The pro-edition contains the same recordings as Aves Vox. The difference between Aves Vox Pro and Aves Vox is that the pro-edition has more functions that facilitate for you as a user. Functions which make it easier and more fun to use.



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